Family Matters

I was lucky enough to have both my mom AND my sister here for the weekend. It was great to see them and I wish it hadn't been such a short stay, but we able to go all around town getting treats, looking through shops and having my mom stop to look at EVERY tulip she could was a nice. The morning of these pictures it was cold and misty, but it was still quite beautiful out here in Colorado. I am glad you guys got to see where I am living and spend a little quality time with me. Can't wait til you visit again! Love you guys!


  • You could have touched up my wrinkles!!

  • I guess that was a bit vane...sorry, I love your signature and it was really good to see where my baby is living and having such a good time! Oh to be 23 again!! You are doing it right! Grandpa J would be sooo proud! I love your apartment and I love! Pearl St. I want to hike that hill/mountain again only further next time! Love you! Mom

  • Thanks're the bestest! And NO i could NOT have touched up your shows your wisdom and all the adventures youve had. I wouldn't want to take that away.

  • It was great to see where you are living. I love you and can't wait to come back and see more.

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