Hello everyone...

I have clearly made some dramatic changes to my blog and I'm sure I will do it again soon, but I just want to explain a few things so there's no confusion. My new blog allows me to share these large pictures, which is pretty exciting, but each post will only have a sort of preview. To view the full post be sure to click on the 'Read Full Post' located at the bottom right side of each entry. I'm sure you are all intelligent enough to figure that out on your own, but I just want to make sure that your blog experience is best it possibly can be. Alright, well enjoy the new blog and leave me comments!


Obviously...I am still working out a few issues...bare with me...


  • so you want me to comment? i'm pretty sure thats what you asked me. i got really nervous when you said you're sure were all intelligent enough to figure something out. i always get nervous when i read that. but i did :) i got it THANKS

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