Sister Sister Bloggy...


I think...think these are my favorite sisters. We have spent LOTS of time together and I love them both so much. We had a great time down at the beach and here are some pictures from our little photo shoot. Love you guys and hope you enjoy the pictures!

Pretty sure Kait has her eyes closed and Lauryn just kinda looks pissed, but I STILL think this is a cute picture. Maybe next time try a little harder girls...

Not sure why THIS picture makes me say this, but man...Kaitlyn is amazingly beautiful, right?

Weekend adventures would not be the same without at least ONE self here you go.

Thanks guys. Oh, and's your bloggy.
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All Grown Up...


Little Carley is gettin' all growed up! I mean look at her...shes beautiful and so amazingly sweet and innocent. Here are some of my favorites from our shoot last week. Congrats on your last year of high school quickly approaching. Take it from an expert...ENJOY IT! Make the most of every moment...cause it will be over in a flash!

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Lynsey's Big Day


People always say that the bride is beautiful on her wedding day, well...Lyns was absolutely no exception. I have never seen you look so radiant and excited Lyns and I cannot explain to you how happy that I was able to be there for you. So, here are just a couple pictures of Lyns getting ready...unfortunately I wasn't really able to get pictures from the ceremony. That might have been a bit odd to take pictures while standing up in front...

Yep, it was Lynsey's day, but this picture of Katelyn is just too great. Loving the emo look...definitely works for you.

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