Lauryn, Trisha and Josselyn's DAY OF FUN!

Many people claim to have a best friend, well I have two. They are the best friends anyone could imagine. I trust them with my life and I think they would say the same. Usually people are lucky if they are able to find ONE person who they connect with as well as we do. I love them and I am so glad we got to hangout for a, eating and laughing til we cry. Enough mush...enjoy.
Enjoyin' some yummy lunch at Snarf's. Delicious.
'It's the giving tree!' - Daniela
Red Rocks Amphitheater is amazing!

Drinkin' pepsi at the Pepsi Center....cause Trish thought they made pepsi there...hahaha

It may have taken us an hour to find it, but Little Man Ice Cream was worth it. PS...what kind of city has TWO 16th streets...I mean honestly!


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