Sister Sister Bloggy...

I think...think these are my favorite sisters. We have spent LOTS of time together and I love them both so much. We had a great time down at the beach and here are some pictures from our little photo shoot. Love you guys and hope you enjoy the pictures!

Pretty sure Kait has her eyes closed and Lauryn just kinda looks pissed, but I STILL think this is a cute picture. Maybe next time try a little harder girls...

Not sure why THIS picture makes me say this, but man...Kaitlyn is amazingly beautiful, right?

Weekend adventures would not be the same without at least ONE self here you go.

Thanks guys. Oh, and's your bloggy.


  • joss! i love my bloggy!! thanks so much. so glad we could test out's a little sad that my baby sister is so much cuter than i am...but oh well...i guess i'll get over it. hahah miss you already!! can't wait for our next photo adventure.

  • Love the bloggy! Thanks for making us way cuter than we actually felt...haha. We'll try harder to be cuter next time. Miss you!

  • i was all about this blog but the last picture uhm. i'm at a loss of words. i'm trying to say. it made the blog? it was the best part? you're fantastic? you make me proud bestie. good job!

  • AHHH, JOSSELYN. best ever.

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